The beauty of life is its different qualities of light, texture, and harmonious imbalance. Capturing this  is what most inspires me as a photographer. 

I see the world through the conscious and subconscious flavors and aromas of my childhood memories. A childhood that included my earliest years living in Guatemala, then moving through 36 states in an old-beater Mercedes van with my family, a few months in Thailand, and eventually landing in Florida as a teenager. Throughout my life, I was surrounded by delicious meals, rich cultures, and vibrant experiences, which were all nurtured by my parents and have affected my ability to find beauty anywhere. 

I left home at 19 to start my own journey, which took me to New York, , Germany, France, and finally California. The first part of my career was spent as a personal chef, which eventually led me to attend The Academy of Art University for photography. From there I was staff photographer at Munchery, one of the first food startups in the US where I built and managed a photography team of five photographers in four states. I was the marketing photographer for Good Eggs, a tech based food startup in Silicon Valley. I've since freelanced for a variety of brands like Postmates, Udemy, and Brandless, editorials like Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic Magazine, Healthyish, and established  companies like Jello and Avocado of Mexico. Clearly my first love is food photography, but thanks to my vagabond upbringing, I'm easily able to capture the storytelling of lifestyle + travel that any client needs.




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Selected Clients

Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic Magazine, Healthyish, 7x7 Magazine, Jello, Postmates, Good Eggs, Avocados From Mexico, Munchery, Habit, Ora, Brandless, Udemy, First Chop, Bryr Clogs.